Our Fields
Hines Field and Woodrow Wilson Field Renovation Projects
In 2014, our house league teams began playing at Hines Primary School.  To bolster the little league experience for our players and to help out District 150 and the local community, PNDYBL began making upgrades to baseball fields at the Hines location in the Spring of 2014.  In the spring of 2016, we began work on the fields at Woodrow Wilson Primary School.  As the renovations progress we will be posting photos on this webpage.  Please check back from time to time to monitor our progress!   If you would like to donate towards the Hines Field Renovation Project, or the Woodrow Wilson Field Renovation Project for which we are still raising money in order to begin work, please contact Jeremy Livengood, PNDYBL President, today!

Left and center: Phase I of the Hines field #1 renovation (May, 2014). 

Far right: Phase I of the Hines field #2 renovation (May 2014).  

Thomas Jefferson Field Renovation Project
After several years of neglect, the fields at Thomas Jefferson School on Florence Avenue had become unplayable.  Soon after we formed, PNDYBL approached District 150 about the fields and received the green light to begin rehabilitating them in the fall of 2012 so that little league baseball would once again be played there.  Since then, we have invested a substantial amount of time and effort on this renovation project (see photos below).  In the spring of 2013 we installed new dugouts on both diamonds at Thomas Jefferson School.  A big "thank you" goes out to D. Joseph Construction for sponsoring that effort!  And in the autumn of 2013, we installed a new batting cage!  Of course, we are always looking for other ways to improve the fields, and two of the items on our wishlist are new for each diamond.  If you would like to donate towards this project, please contact Jeremy Livengood, PNDYBL President, today!

Left: a nice thank you letter from a resident in the area.                      
Right: Phase I of the batting cage construction at Thomas Jefferson field.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

These are shots of field #1 (left) and feld #2 (right) at Thomas Jefferson when we brought in new dirt in November of 2012.

Field Game and Practice Schedules