House League Baseball            
Below: The 2016 Alwan & Sons Irish coach-pitch team celebrate their 
        1st place victory at the Mossville Midgets Tournament!

PNDYBL offers a house league program for children in grades pre-K through 8.  The goals of our house league program are (1) to instruct our players on the fundamentals of baseball while at the same time making sure that they have fun, (2) to teach them sportsmanship within the guiding principles of our Catholic faith, and (3) to instill in them respect and love for the game of baseball.  House league teams provide an opportunity for all childrenregardless of competitive ability, to play baseball.  Every child who registers  is guaranteed a spot on a team.  In addition, all players bat in the regular line-up and play at least half the game on defense.  Our T-ball (4 and 5 year olds) and 6U Instructional Baseball (5 and 6 year olds) play against each other in their own in-house divisions.  Children in T-ball hit off a tee and are taught the very basic concepts of baseball (e.g., what to do when the batter hits the ball, what base to throw to, etc.).   Players in 6U Instructional Baseball are a little more advanced than players in T-ball but not quite ready to play at the 8U Coach-Pitch level.  The division is a hybrid between T-ball and Coach-Pitch baseball in which the ball is pitched to the batter by the coach; if the batter gets two strikes, a tee is brought out from which the batter then hits the ball.  Teams at the 8U level (grades 1 and 2) play against each other and teams from the Mossville, Chillicothe, and Rome community leagues.  Teams at the 10U and 12U level (grades 3-6) play against teams from those leagues as well as teams from the Dunlap community league.  Teams at the 14U level (grades 7 and 8) play in the Peoria County Pony League, in which teams from the Greater Peoria Area compete against each other.  Our teams also compete in a few house league tournaments during the season...check out how we did at the bottom of this page!  

Our Coaches                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Our house league coaches are the backbone of our program.  They volunteer their time and effort because they love baseball and they love coaching.  We want to be sure that we show the same level of dedication and support to our coaches as they show to our players and our organization.  To that end, we offer a clinic for our coaches that covers how to teach the core fundamentals of baseball (fielding, hitting, base running, and pitching) and other important concepts, such as how to structure a practice and how to properly warm-up players. 

or more information on our house league programplease contact Nick Anderson, PNDYBL Director of House League Baseball.  For information about our T-ball and 6U Instructional Baseball programs, please contact Rob Evans, PNDYBL T-Ball and Instructional Baseball Coordinator

House League tournament results for the 2016 season...
Alwan & Sons Meat Company1st Place, Mossville Midgets Tournament
O'Donnell Law Office, 1st Place, Chillicothe Minors Tournament
Specialists in Medical Imaging, 3rd Place, Chillicothe Minors Tournament
Ulrich's Rebellion Room, 3rd Place, Mossville Majors Tournament
McCavitt Chiropractic, 4th Place Mossville Midgets Tournament

House League tournament results for the 2015 season...
Alwan & Sons Meat Company1st place, Mossville Midgets Tournament
LeFante Law2nd place, Mossville Midgets Tournament
Midwest Engineering Associates, 2nd place, Mossville Minors Tournament
Illinois Eye Center, 3rd place, Peoria County Pony League Tournament 

 Below: The 2016 Ulrich's Rebellion Room Irish follow Coach Shadid's pathetic attempt at dabbing after their 3rd place victory at the Mossville Tournament!