T-Ball and 6U Baseball

T-Ball and 6U Baseball
2019 Peoria Notre Dame T-Ball League Rules
  1. T-Ball League Purpose/Philosophy

    1. The purpose of the PNDYBL T-ball league is to teach the players proper baseball fundamentals, proper player conduct, and to have FUN.

    2. All players, coaches, and spectators will conduct themselves with appropriate behavior. Any players, coaches, or spectators displaying inappropriate behavior or conducting themselves in an un- sportsman-like manner, as deemed by the PNDYBL board, will be removed from the playing area.

  2. Practice Schedule

    1. All teams will practice twice each week for the first two (2) weeks of the season, according to the league schedule

    2. No additional practices will be allowed

    3. T-ball Coordinators will be available for each scheduled practice to retrieve equipment, assist players with basic fundamentals, and return equipment following the last practice each night

    4. Parents are encouraged to help during all practices

  3. Team Selections

    1. Players are assigned to teams based on the following:

      1. Player’s school

      2. Needs of the league

      3. Parent requests

    2. Siblings will automatically be assigned to the same team Game Schedule

  4. Game Schedule

    1. Two (2) games per week per team, beginning the first week of June through mid-July

    2. Daily game times:

      1. Game times are either 5:15p-6:15p or 6:30p-7:30p

      2. Check game schedule for times and field locations

    3. Game/practice locations

      1. All practices and games will be played at the Thomas Jefferson baseball complex on Fields TJ3 or TJ4 (beyond the outfield fences of the larger fields)

      2. Games may be played on the fenced playing fields, if available, and field conditions allow, as determined by the league directors and/or coordinators

      3. Parents are encouraged to help during all games

    4. Game schedule

      1. See game schedule

      2. Rainouts

        1. Rainouts will be called per the standard PNDYBL procedures

        2. Makeup games may or may not be rescheduled, as determined by the league

  5. Uniforms

    1. T-shirts with PNDYBL logo (sponsor names on back) provided by the league

    2. In-house hats provided by the league

    3. Players may opt to purchase their own baseball pants, cleats, et cetera, but not required.

    4. Lace-up shoes only... No flip flops or sandals wdcdwcd

  6. Equipment

    1. Each player provides his/her own fielding glove

    2. Notre Dame T-Ball league will provide bats, bases, balls, batting tees, and batting helmets for practices and games

    3. Players may opt to provide their own additional equipment

  7. Field Requirements

    1. 55 feet between bases

    2. 77 feet, 9 inches from home plate to 2nd base

  8. Game Rules

    1. Age/Grade

      1. Between 4 years old and 6 years old (pre-school through incoming 1st grade)

      2. T-ball focused on younger players with less experience... older or more experienced players may opt for the 6U league

      3. Exceptions for 7 year olds based on try-out/evaluation by PNDYBL board

    2. Equipment Soft T-ball safety balls will be used during games and practices

    3. Coaching

      1. T-Ball coordinators will be assigned to each field for practices and games.

      2. Parents are encouraged to help/assist during games and practices

      3. No players may coach the bases at any time

      4. Offensive base coaches will be allowed at 1st base and 3rd base

      5. One offensive coach will be allowed to help the batter

        1. When runners are preparing to score, the batter’s coach will move the batting tee from the home plate area to avoid potential injury to the scoring runner, replacing the tee for the next batter

      6. Defensive coaches will be allowed on the playing field, providing they do not interfere with play

      7. Coordinators will serve as Umpires for all games

    4. Length of Games

      1. One (1) hour time limit – no new inning may begin after the time limit has been reached

      2. An inning will consist both the “visiting” team batting once through the entire lineup and the “home” team batting once through the entire lineup

    5. Offense

      1. Base running

        1. No stealing allowed

        2. Runners will stay on their base until the batter hits the ball (no lead-offs)

        3. Runners will be instructed to avoid contact with fielders to reduce chances of injuries

      2. Hitting

        1. Each team will bat through the entire lineup, in the same batting order each inning

        2. Each batter will wear a protective helmet while batting

        3. One “on deck” batter will be allowed and must wear a protective helmet while “on deck”

        4. Players will primarily hit off the batting tee; however, as players evolve, coaches/coordinators may pitch to batters. (For live pitching, after 4-5 swings/misses, the player will use the batting tee for that at-bat.)

        5. No intentional bunting allowed

    6. Defense

      1. Defensive players will line up across the infield from 1st base to 3rd base

      2. After fielding a hit ball, the player will throw to a coach at 1st base

      3. Fielding gloves will be worn by all defensive players

      4. Protective cups are encouraged for all defensive players (male and female)

      5. No hidden ball trick allowed No infield fly rule

    7. Scoring

      1. No score will be kept for t-ball games

    8. Participation

      1. Each player will bat and play in the field each inning

  9. Additional Rules and/or Rule Changes

    1. Notre Dame Youth Baseball may change the rules, delete existing rules, or implement new rules as any time at the sole discretion of the Peoria Notre Dame Youth Baseball League Board of Directors.