Umpires- 2017 Season

Interested in becoming a PNDYBL baseball or softball umpire? Fill out the application at the bottom of this
page and email it to
Rob Evans, PNDYBL Umpire Coordinator.

Important Information
  1. Plate umpires are paid $25, bases umpires are paid $20. Mound umpires (8U/Coach Pitch only) are paid $25 and work alone. For umpires enrolled at PND High School, you may now get service hours for umpiring, but you cannot get paid if you elect to receive service hours. Contact the high school for more information, and let the Umpire Coordinator (Rob Evans, 309-256-4062) know that you intend do so.
  2. The first person listed on the schedule is the plate umpire, the second person is the bases umpire.
  3. Show up to the game no later than 15 minutes prior to start time.
  4. You represent PNDYBL, so look professional: shirt tucked in, no holes in shirt or pants, etc.
  5. Meet the other umpire at the concession stand or parking lot and walk onto the field at the same time, together...remember, you're a team.
  6. At the plate meeting, first introduce yourselves to the coaches and shake hands. Go over any special rules or concerns at the plate meeting.
  7. Umpires are neutral…don't be less friendly to one coach versus another.
  8. If you are challenged, maintain your cool. Explain the decision to the coach, and then move on.
  9. Do not engage spectators…ONLY engage coaches. If a spectator is abusive, call time-out and warn the coaches that if it doesn't stop, the game will be forfeit.
  10. If you can't make a game, get another umpire to take your place and contact the Umpire Coordinator (Rob Evans, 309-256-4062). If you can't find a replacement, please let the coordinator know ASAP so he can try to find one for you.

Umpire  Cell Phone Email
Blackford, Braedon 309-573-3947
Diestelkamp, Scott 309-210-7541
Donnelly, Jack 309-360-2064
Fulcher, Drew309-370-2779
Geers, Nathan309-453-7181
Hinderman, Zach 309-370-7706
Hough, Brady 309-696-5020
Hurst, Liam 309-573-3314
Manning, Jake 309-258-2268
Manning, Paul309-258-4313
Organ, Nathan 309-981-9236
Rooney, Andrew 309-397-1583
Schmitt, Jett
Sundstrom, Patrick 309-208-7972
Sundstrom, Riley 309-857-4480
Winschel, Andy

Alejandro Rooney,
Apr 4, 2017, 8:58 AM